Photographs are a moment frozen in time, a keepsake for a lifetime.  As a witness to your unique love story I want to tell it as authentically as possible.  Capture those moments of pure laughter and joy for generations to come.  Your love should be showcased as an original, no two stories are alike.  Together we'll create an epic experience to share with each generation to follow. 

When you look through those photos in 20 years I want you to hear the laughter and feel the love.  That is my goal and it's what I love to do.  From the little moments to the show stopper images and everything in between.  

I strive to be more than just the girl with the camera.  I'll have many tips and tricks that can help ease the stress in planning and creating timelines to help make the day go as smoothly as possible.

So, are we a good fit??
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