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Miranda + Josh | Lake Bemidji State Park Wedding

If you follow Schrage Photography on social media you know that I have four different weather forecasts I check in the week leading up to a wedding, checking them almost obsessively (especially with outdoor weddings)  On the Wednesday morning prior to Josh and Miranda’s wedding the weather forecast was predicting 90% rain the entire day.  This is the point that I inwardly (and outwardly if I’m at home with no one to see this reaction) go into panic mode.  All of this is in an effort to help keep the bride happy, calm and relaxed leading up to and on the wedding day.  Preparing umbrellas, giving the bride recommendations on how to keep things adventurous and fun and looking into alternative portrait locations.   I’m a planner so once I have these things situated and figured out the anxiety typically subsides, I need to have my lists and my plan ready to go otherwise my brain won’t shut off!

Fast forward 2 days and the forecast has changed, which let’s face it, the forecast changes every 10 minutes sometimes and predicting the weather with any kind of accuracy is, well…dang near impossible.  By Thursday evening the weather forecast looked a little better and on Friday evening it had done a complete 180 showing no signs of rain for the following day.

Miranda and Josh were married at the amphitheater at Lake Bemidji State Park on June 3 with a reception following at Bemidji Town and Country Club.  Their day was filled with sun, laughter and love.  We truly couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Congratulations again Miranda and Josh!  Your day was perfect and I can’t thank you enough for including Schrage Photography in your big day.

If you’re getting married in 2018 and are looking for your wedding photography contact me now!  Summer is already half booked.  Shoot me an email and let’s get coffee!!  I’d love to chat!

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