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3, 2, 1….LAUNCH!



It’s here.

I am SO excited that I might have to use more than two exclamation points!!!! (Which FYI is apparently a no no in the world of copywriting)

Welcome to the NEW Schrage Photography website and blog!  I have been working long hours behind the scenes on a new website and brand for the business.  I have all the heart eyes for this brand now.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my previous brand and have brought a lot of those elements through to the new brand but it’s SO much more ME now!

Let’s talk about my new site and brand journey, because I just love talking and sharing with y’all.   I had decided in the late summer that it was time to make some updates with the website for sure.  I wanted it to flow better and be simpler to navigate.  While at Showit United I was able to sit down with the amazing Kyrsten Sherwood from Copper Kettle Co for a website review.  Let’s be honest.  There was a lot of, this doesn’t fit, this isn’t you, this doesn’t work, going on with that review.  But I totally understood where she was coming from and what her suggestions were.  Enter the website template search, because real talk, starting with a blank canvas is hard and actually a total downer.  I found a few templates that I liked and then enter The Autumn Rabbit and I was done.  Talk about a match made in branding heaven!  The colors, the feel, everything was just so on point with where I wanted to go with my branding and my website.

This is the boring portion of the story where I worked long hours of the night, countless FaceTime discussions with my internet bestie about the design and content and working even more hours to write the copy while working through an online copywriting course with Ashlyn Carter.  Oh, and still have time for family, substituting, the business, cleaning, eating, sleeping…it was so much fun.

And here we are!  The new site is live!  I feel like the mad scientist who created Frankenstein, it’s alive, IT’S ALIIIVVEE!!!!


So, let’s talk the fun stuff!

Engagement session giveaway this is where we say goodbye, head on over to THIS PAGE for details and to enter!!!

Everyone else.  I have some fabulous goodies to giveaway to celebrate the launch!!

How to enter:
1. Comment on this post!

2. Head on over to my Instagram and like the launch post there!  Here’s the post!!

3. Tag a friend in the comments on the Instagram post.

EXTRA BONUS ENTRY!!  Share the Instagram post on your own Instagram!  Be sure to tag Schrage Photography so that I can see it!

What’s up for grabs?!

  1. Target Gift Card
  2. Starbucks Gift Card
  3. Goodie bag with some of my favorites!

Who’s excited?!  I know I am!!  Take a look around, I’m so excited to have you here!!

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