this is me!

I’m Leigh

They call me mama, wife, carpool karoake queen, sugar addict, but you can call me
With over 100 weddings and countless
portraits in the bag, I’m known for making it
super easy for you to be in front of the
camera, to feel completely natural and
uninhibited, to just be yourself while you
experience these massive life moments.

Since photos freeze time and make it possible
to hit replay every time you see them, picking
someone to give you that experience is a big
effing deal

Can I say that? 

We might be besties if

Netflix and chill literally means vegging on the
couch for hours bingeing a show you’ve
watched a million times already.

The Starbucks barista knows you by name, and
that’s just perfect.
Organized doesn’t mean clean, just means you
know where things are even in the chaos.
If you believe cheese should be it’s own food group

Karaoke. Need I say more? I run the show with
Bohemian Rhapsody.

TV references and quotes are the best thing
Swear words are just mom words.
You find jigsaw puzzles super relaxing
You do what it takes to get it done.

Join the party!

Welcome to the Club. Let’s
get into it & make this official!

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