Life is messy and goes by quickly


This is where I should probably put some cheesy statement about preserving memories for a lifetime.  I'm not one for cheesy, but I do love taking pictures. 

Psst, let me tell you a secret!!  The quotes about memories being all you truly get to keep are a load of crap.  Memories start to disappear as we get older,  but they can be jogged by any of the five senses.  Photographs can transport you back to that very moment if you let them.  I can hear my daughter's sweet three year old voice whispering to me when I see this photo of us.  Photography is a powerful thing. 

 Don't wait for the perfect moment.
 The messy moments are always the best memories. 

Personal family photos courtesy of our amazing family photographer: Michelle Warren Photography

Where are my manners?  I should introduce myself!

Hello love!  
I'm Leigh, but durh you knew that already, right?  (hey, it's right down there, under this mini bio section)

I talk fast (Gilmore Girl fast), I love binge watching (Netflix you have my heart) and I love the little details, oh and I'm horrible at talking about myself.  

After over 100 weddings and countless portrait sessions I have found that the most cherished thing is time, and these photographs preserve that moment and bring back the memory.  No moment is perfect but the memories preserved are, no detail is too small to be captured and everything deserves its moment in the spotlight. 

Rapid fire phrases to describe me...mother, wife, photographer, teacher, queen of chaos, lover of light, wannabe rapper and pretend extrovert. 

Let's have some fun...

1. Latest binge on netflix

2. Most overused words...

3. What's on your playlist?

4. Name one unexpected fact about you...

5. Greatest achievement?

6. What's your Motto?

7. Roadtrip Must haves...

The Crown, and really anything Royal Family related.  You'll always always find Gilmore Girls and Law and Order: SVU in my recently watched queue. 

Well, I have a slight problem with my usage of "Mommy" words.  I also sprinkle in a liberal dose of "literally" and shortened non words such as "totes".  Oh and let's not forget my love of the word "legit".  

I have a extremely wide variety of music on my playlist.  My top five songs played on my playlist are "Forgot about Dre", "Mmmbop", "Peaches", "Look What You Made Me Do" and "Instruction".  Currently though I'm obsessed with The Greatest Showman soundtrack, SO GOOD.  

You're in luck, I'll give you two.  My history degree actually includes an emphasis in 20th Century Genocide.  And I listen to rap on a daily basis.  It's my go to list of jams. 

Hands down, my kids.  That's an easy one and probably not a surprising answer. #mommystatus

Here's another one where I actually have two.  1. There are no mistakes, only learning opportunities.  2. Being told no only gives me a benchmark to strive for.  

That's easy.  A killer playlist, Fritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, Twizzler Nibs, Sour Patch Kids and fountain pop.  There's just something about fountain pop that is so much better than a bottle of pop. 

Bucket List Venues

1. Semple Mansion
2. Vintage Garden Venue
3. Rustic Oaks
4. NP Event Space
5. Carlos Creek Winery
6. Gathered Oaks
7. 1908 House
8. Legacy hill farm
9. Minnetonka Orchards
10. Legacy Acres events

Every photographer has those venues they're dreaming of shooting at.  Here are some of my Midwest bucket list venues...

"bucket List" deal for the first couple to book SChrage PHotography for their wedding at one of the bucket list venues!  Don't see your venue on the list but think it should be?  Let me know!!

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About all you can do in life is 


-Rita Mae Brown